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11 Top Tips for Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Shopping – Get started early

Set out wedding dress shopping as early as you can.  This way the shops will be less crowded, therefore you will get more one to one attention and the staff will be at their best.  Meaning that they will be fresh and energetic about helping you being one of their first customers of the day.  Later on in the day they may well be more fatigued, understandably given the amount of dresses they have had to lug around and the numerous questions and concerns they have had to deal with.

Dress shop

Match to your silhouette

Put the finer details to one side for now and find the shape of dress that best suits your figure. Don’t get caught up in the latest trend if the shape simply doesn’t suit.  Try as many shapes as you can until you narrow it down to one or two.  In the long run this will make finding your dream dress far easier. You can eliminate those that you know own look great on before you get them all in the fitting room.

Image: Rock My Wedding

Remember the top of your dress is the most important part

No matter how stunning the skirt of your chosen dress it is the top that will be noticed most.  It is also the part that will feature most heavily when it comes to your wedding photography.  So the detail or minimalism of this area, depending on your style, along with the accessories you choose for your next and ears have to be top of mind when choosing your dream wedding dress.

Image: Rock My Wedding

Choose it because you love it not just because it’s on trend.

Be timeless in your decision when it comes to the final pick.  What’s on trend now won’t necessarily stand the test of time. I’m sure you’ve seen many photo albums with evidence of this most likely including that of your parents.  Make sure your dress is something you look back on with delight not a memory of the on trend dress you chose that now looks hideous in the new light of today.

You should feel sexy but glamorous in your choice, finding a wedding dress that is contemporary with traditional elements.  If you’ve found ‘the one’  you should feel like a better version of you when you put it on and feel like you’re ready for the show of your big day.

Bring your camera

Don’t put all your trust in the mirror.  The fitting room mirror in any good bridal shop is there to sell the dress.  Be sure to photograph the dresses you try on from a number of angles so you can be happy that you’ll look exactly as you wished to on your big day, with no nasty surprises when the pictures arrive.

They say the camera never lies and in this case they’re right!

Try on as many dresses as you need

Finding the dress of your dreams takes time and it’s worth investing in it.  Don’t be dismissive when looking for your dream wedding dress.  Once you’ve found the shape of dress that suits you if there’s anything you remotely like about the detail or finish try it on.  Once a wedding dress is on the shape will transform to your body and look completely different to that on the hanger.  This could be good or bad but it will ultimately lead you to the right decision even if it’s not what you thought you would end up with initially.  When you know it’s the one, you’ll know. Go with your gut if you feel you’ve found the one even if you have several other dresses to try close the door and walk away or you could well end up at the other end of the scale drenched in dress overload and unable to make a clear decision.

Keep the number of people you take wedding dress shopping with you to a minimum

More people equals more opinions and more stress when trying to make a final decision on your wedding dress.  It also means that you will hold a greater wow factor when your big day arrives as only very few people will know what to expect when you rock up on the day.

Choose your underwear carefully

 Wedding Dress Lingerie

Ensure that when you go to try on wedding dresses you’re wearing your best bra.  It may even be worth buying a new one for the occasion.  You will spend a lot of your day in your underwear trying on numerous dresses so make sure you feel comfortable.  There’s nothing worse than standing there embarrassed by that bra you never got round to replacing that is all discoloured and tatty.

Wearing the right underwear can also really help enhance the beauty of your figure and therefore bring out the best in the dresses you try on.

Remember your final decision really is final

As most dresses are made to order with long lead times to delivery once you have chosen your dress there really is no going back, unless money is no object of course.

This often also applied to accessories so be sure that anything you choose not only works for you but also fits in with the style of wedding you have chosen to avoid any unnecessary cost or disappointment.

The size really is just a number

We know how much us ladies can get hung up about the number on the label of our favourite outfit.  However when shopping around for wedding dresses don’t be alarmed.  Wedding gowns simply don’t fit the rules when it comes to sizing and often run a number of sizes bigger or smaller.  You may well find you’ll be purchasing a dress in a size you’ve never bought anything in before but if it’s the right one, who cares right!

Wedding Dress Sizing

Ask as many questions as you need

There are a number of questions you should ask not only the boutique owner/staff.  There are also those you should ask yourself when making sure the dress is 100% for you.  Check on all the obvious things about delivery time, alterations, deposit, etc but also ask yourself:

  • Do you feel beautiful and confident?
  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Can you sit down in it?
  • Will I be able to dance in it?
  • Is there any part of my body I feel self-conscious of in this dress?

Asking yourself these few simple questions will ensure you feel the best possible you in your dress, as you should on your big day and avoid any mishaps through your wedding day.

Finally don’t forget your accessories for the perfect finishing touch whether it be hair combs, necklaces, earrings or bracelets.  Take a look at our collections here:

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