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5 Reasons why you should hire a wedding planner

Why hire a wedding planner?

No longer just for the rich and famous wedding planners are extremely accessible nowadays and can work around pretty much any budget, so long as you have a little to spend.  This brings us straight to the first reason it is more than worth hiring a wedding planner….

Budgets and Scheduling

No matter what your budget a good wedding planner has many contacts and a vast amount of knowledge when it comes to who to use and who is charging you right, as opposed to adding a little extra just because the word ‘wedding’ is in the booking.

Insider Knowledge

Wedding planners have built a portfolio from years of experience in the industry and will know who to go to to deliver your dream wedding. Whether it’s unicorns and glitter or a rustic barn style wedding they’ll know a man who can.

Wedding Planner

Melt the Stress Away

There’s nothing better than knowing that everything you had planned in your head will just happen when the day comes without you having to lift a finger. From save the dates, invites, dresses, seating plans, flowers, wedding cars, cakes, etc. A wedding planner will ensure everything as far as planning is concerned is on schedule and to budget.

They will ensure that your wedding goes without a hiccup leaving you to spend the day in pre and post wedding bliss sipping champagne with friends and family with no idea what is going right or wrong behind the scenes.

Wedding bliss

New Creativity

It might be that your Pinterest board is all set up and you know exactly how you expect your big day but a wedding planner hs seen it all before and can therefore be a fountain of inspiration and great ideas when it come to actually choosing what will happen and how your big day will go.

With so many weddings under their belt you’re likely to get something even better than you previously anticipated, the skies the limit and your wedding planner will take you there; within budget of course!

Wedding Venue


Lets face it we’re not all lucky enough to get along with our mother-in-laws all the time or our mothers for that matter.  Your wedding planner can be the one who says it like it is and makes decisions on your behalf based on your plan defusing any awkward situations that may occur when it comes to friends or family.

Wedding Cake

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  1. Birchi March 19, 2018 at 9:33 am #

    Good post Jennie wedding planners save their time and money and hire wedding planner. Thank You very much for writing such a good article for wedding planners and their services for new couples. People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good course. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them. there is no any other ways to
    get customers than posting the wedding photos.

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