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7 Things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue

Whether you begin in a church, a registry office or choose a civil ceremony at the main venue of your choice getting it wrong could  have huge repercussions for your big day.  So to give you a little helping hand we’ve pulled together seven top tips for finding, choosing and booking the perfect wedding venue for your big day.

Start with a Planner

We don’t mean a wedding planner/journal we mean an actual wedding planner! Even before you start looking at a venue pic up the phone to a wedding planner. A wedding planner will be an invaluable source of information when it comes to choosing the right space for the vision you’ve set for your all important wedding day.

Wedding Planner

Taking your ‘big day’ vision to them this early will enable them to guide you as to the venues that can make your big day exactly what you imagined and more.  Not to mention the time you’ll need to achieve the transformation of the venue you’ve chosen and everything else around it and in-between.

How Many Guests Will There Be?

An extremely important question before you step foot into any venue and run the risk of falling in love with a location that simply can’t accommodate the number of guests you intend inviting. This will also help when looking at the budget you have for your big day, with some costs being very dependent upon the number of guests that will be attending.

Here’s a fun tool to help you on your way to refining that all important guest list…..

Wedding Guest List

Choose a Venue that Will Achieve Your Vision

Maybe this is an obvious point but if it isn’t something you have already thought about it may well have you looking at a more unusual, more memorable venue for what will no doubt be one of the best days of your life.

Think about the type of wedding you’re going for.  If it’s rustic choose more rugged venues such as barn conversions and even barns, a yurt may also be another great option.  If you’re looking for a more contemporary modern edge maybe an art gallery, warehouse or ultra stylised restaurant could be more what you’re looking for. The great outdoors may be more your style so a quirky venue that brings the outside in could prove perfect.

Wedding venue

Your Guests’ Experience 

Understandably your guests are not always going to be your top priority, after all this is a day all about you and the love you share with each other. However if a lot of your guests are travelling to share you special day make sure your wedding will be one to remember with top class entertainment, good food and drink and most of all somewhere they can crash at the end of it without too much of a worry about where they’re going to stay once the day is over.

Is the Package Right?

Make sure you know what will be included before you sign on the dotted line.  If it is a full-service venue make sure that all bases are covered and that what they are willing to provide either fits fully with your vision or that you are able to add the things that will bring the finishing touches to the style you’ve chosen.

If it’s more of a bring and style your own venue be sure to get quotes from all those companies where the extras will come from before committing to something you can’t afford.  This includes the finer details such as napkins, cutlery, chair covers and anything else that will create the vision. Don’t forget your guests will need to eat and drink so if this falls to you and is not included with the venue make sure staff, bar and food is all covered in your final costings.

Be Authentic

All too often brides and grooms to be are bombarded by family and friends or influenced by lavish weddings they’ve seen online but are these things really you?

When it comes to planning and creating the vision you have as a couple for your wedding there may be compromises but be true to yourselves.  What is the vision that best represents you two as a couple?  Bring your own personalities to your wedding and have what you want not what everyone around you would like you to have.  If you don’t you’ll look back and regret the decisions you made.

What Budget?

After all of the above don’t be tempted to sway from the budget.  You have set this for a reason and the last thing you need is to start married life with a huge debt hanging over you all for one day.  There are so many ways to achieve what you’re looking for without spending a small fortune even if it takes a little DIY because you paid a little more for the ultimate venue.

Most of All

Enjoy the day, make it everything you want it to be but most of all surround yourselves with the people who matter most; these are the things you will look back on fondly and be glad you didn’t compromise on.


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2 Responses to 7 Things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue

  1. shaadismart April 12, 2018 at 11:40 am #

    in this blog they mention a 7 Things to consider when choosing the perfect wedding venue

  2. Aleshire Mueller July 28, 2018 at 12:53 am #

    It sure was nice when you pointed out that when it comes to choosing the wedding venue, the couple should choose a place that is most appropriate and can represent the two of them perfectly. If that is the case, then the venue that my sister showed me really is the perfect one for her and future husband. After all, it is an open area that is actually romantic in its own right and fits their not-so-romantic-but-still-romantic love story.

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