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8 Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Hair Accessories

Choosing Your Wedding Hair Accessories

If you’re yet to choose your wedding hair accessories look no further than these 8 top tips before you head out to the shops.

Match your personal style

If your wedding is set around your own personal style there’s one thing for sure your accessories won’t look out of place so long as you apply the same principle. This way the two should come together along the same lines when it comes to the look and feel of your wedding.

If you’re struggling to bring the two together here are a few helpful tips:

Flowers are perfect for a boho or beach style wedding.

Choose classic more traditional styles for a minimalist look or to pull off an overall timeless look.

Choose a hair vine to complete a more romantic look.

Wedding Hair

Compliment your wedding dress

We all know that it’s your wedding dress that will provide the real wow factor and make your overall bridal style come the big day.  If your dress is quite minimalist with little to no embellishment this leaves you open to choose your accessories almost as you wish.  However if your dress is embellished or has a lot of intricate detail or lace this will need to be taken into consideration.  The colour of your dress may also need to be considered when thinking about coloured gems or lace.  If you can try and choose or at least get an idea of what you are looking for when trying on your dress to avoid guessing at the risk of getting it wrong.

Choose the right colour

Gold and rose gold hair accessories are now more popular than ever before but how do you know whether to go for gold or silver? Firstly you should choose the colour that best matches your dress then take into consideration your wedding jewellery and what material this will be made from so as not to clash.  The good news is gold will go with any hair colour so put the combination of your dress and accessories first.

Consider the different types of accessory

Lets be honest when it comes to finding the right hair accessory the choices are endless, so how do you make it to a final decision.

Here’s a run down of possible options:

Bridal Hair Combs or Clips

Still the most popular bridal hair accessory has to be the hair comb.  With so many to choose from its easy to find something that fits with your personal style and that of your wedding.

Combs tend to work better as an accent to an up do but can also be worn to sweep hair up and to the side when worn down.

Headband or Tiara

Perfect for creating a classic more traditional look or on the other hand making a more dramatic statement.

For a more traditional look go for a more dainty style with a little bling or even lace.  Alternatively for impact go for a more blingy intricate design choosing a headband for the ultimate 1920’s style.

The great news is you can easily rock either of these with any style wedding hair making them extremely versatile.

Hair Flowers

With boho weddings high on the list when it comes to choosing your wedding style or theme hair flowers have to be the perfect accessory. Great in tousled hair worn down or to compliment a loosely styled up do.

Hair Vines

A huge bridal trend right now and the perfect finishing touch to the boho chic or traditionally romantic look. The great thing is they’re super versatile too so you can bend and manipulate them into numerous shapes and hairstyles.

Wear a hair vine as a headband, across the forehead  or entwined in an up do, whatever your preference this could be the one for you.

Hair Pins

Simple and understated hair pins work brilliantly in up dos to add a little bling or a bejewelled look to compliment your wedding dress.

Think about your chosen hairstyle

This is something you should really decide on before hitting the shops for accessories.  Even if you only get as far as up or down know that will help no end.  Once you have made your choice you can then book in for a real hair trial at your chosen hair stylists where they will show you how your chosen accessory will look.

When it comes to your hair and your chosen accessory just be aware that the finer your hair is the less likely it will be to hold a heavier metal piece or weigh down your chosen style.

You don’t have to choose just one

If you’re finding it impossible to decide whether a hair comb or headband is for you or if you choose flowers you’ll miss out on a bit of bling why not choose two or even three hair accessories for different times throughout the day?

Maybe you could choose something more traditional and in keeping for the day with an up do and bling it up in the evening with tousled locks worn down alongside a second dress.

Pull it all together with jewellery

You’ve got your dream dress, chosen your hairstyle or hairstyles and found the perfect bridal hair accessories now for jewellery to pull the look together.

The first part of this is simple, stick to the same colour metal as your other accessories.  It may be that you also want to find jewellery that has the same elements as your chosen hair accessory.  So if it has pearls maybe simple pearls are all you’ll need to complete the look.

If it is that your hair accessory is very visible from the front such as a headband it may be that a necklace is not required and a pair of earrings and a bracelet will do, there’s no need to overdo it.

Stay true to yourself

If being the perfect traditional bride isn’t you then you shouldn’t be, especially when you only get one shot at being the bride (we hope!). Stay true to yourself and your personal style no matter what anyone else thinks or says.  It’s you that needs to be confident and comfortable on your big day, so make sure you feel at your most beautiful.



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