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All that glitters is GOLD… Chez Bec launches new rose-gold collection for 2015…

Back in January this year, I was wondering about what I might design for Spring… I like to keep new designs coming all year round (with the major collection being launched in the January… you can see it on the site now!).

And this is how things started on a post on Facebook:

“Hello lovely facebook followers… just a little bit of research really, and for every one of you who helps by commenting, I’ll pop your name in a hat and giveaway something sparkly early next week! Everywhere I look this year is gold. Gold earrings, gold necklaces, gold, gold, gold. At Chez Bec we’ve never really dabbled in the gold stuff firmly using Sterling silver… but should we? We’re designing the new collection for our shoot in May, and I wanted to know, are you/did you/would you/could you go gold? Perhaps just a small collection, but if you brides want it, then I wil design it! Please do comment and you could win something yummy! Thank you! Xxx”

And this happened
1,719 people reached

And that’s not happened before…. (you can still see the full details of the facebook post on our page here.)

Rose Gold header

So we’ve gone and done it. I am THRILLED to announce that Chez Bec’s debut Rose Gold collection now available…. HOW EXCITING!

Please do let us know what you think – and what you love the most… I think my favourite is the Belle Rose necklace… but I love them all. And how versatile rose gold bridal jewellery is… it literally goes with everything and every metal….

About Tanya

Tanya is the proud new owner of award winning Bridal accessories company Chez Bec. Also fond of chocolate and Christmas, she is happily married but wish they could do it all again (with the same man!).
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