Chez Bec is changing.

After ten years in business we're having a holiday…. well not a holiday exactly. You see we're moving to Jersey. And as though it wasn't enough to move two children, cats, boxes, the contents and a house (did I mention a husband?!) AS WELL as the business, we've decided to have a bit of make-over while we do it. I know. We're gluttons for punishment.

From 5pm on TUESDAY 26th JULY we will be closing the doors on our studio for a month. No orders will be processed during this time.

Over the years we've seen lots of bridal trends come and go, and we've even helped to make some ourselves, but now it's time for us to do what we do best: our own thing.

So we're not going to be processing any orders over our website for most August (any orders placed will be processed in September), though you can still buy most of our collection over at Liberty In Love (if you can't see what you want there and need it in a hurry, do please drop us an enquiry). We're coming back in the Autumn with new designs, a new look, and a new approach. And we're pretty excited about it to be honest.

We will still be responding to emails - though please bear with us as we try and unpack… enquiries may take a little longer to respond to than normal, but do get in touch at if you're desperate for something (or just for a chat, we're really quite friendly, though our area of expertise does err towards bridal accessories, so perhaps stay towards that), and we'll do what we can to help.

Otherwise, pop over to Facebook, and keep an eye on things… there might be some clues of what is to come (and probably some photos of the beach and ice-cream too).

See you in the Autumn!

Harriet x


Yikes. We’re doing something new for us at Chez Bec this summer…. we’re (whispers) taking a break… I know, madness. What ARE we thinking?! But truth be told, working for the last nine years through every holiday means we sort of think we’ve earned it. SO how does it impact on you, and our site? […]

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Wedding Necklaces

Bridal Jewellery – Chez Bec Styled shoot

We do two shoots a year with our new pieces. They are probably my two favourite ‘work’ days of the year… though it feels a little wrong to call it work (most of us on the shoot team have children, ranging from five months up, so frankly it feels like a day off comparatively). The […]

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How do you choose your Bridal Jewellery?

WOOHOOOOOO! You’re getting married. Yippppeeee. So there’s some small details to iron out, the where, when, how much, colour scheme etc… etc… but let’s get to the important bit… Well, a dress. Probably a white one. Or blush. Or Oyster. You should pop to our sister company Isabella Grace, because they have all sort of […]

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All that glitters is GOLD… Chez Bec launches new rose-gold collection for 2015…

Back in January this year, I was wondering about what I might design for Spring… I like to keep new designs coming all year round (with the major collection being launched in the January… you can see it on the site now!). And this is how things started on a post on Facebook: “Hello lovely […]

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Free Delivery… For Everyone!

Here at Chez Bec, we like to offer you the opportunity to shop how we like to shop. And what do I like most about a shopping experience? Free Delivery… the notion that it’s actually costing me LESS to order online than the parking (and the skinny flat white to go) that it would cost […]

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The Last Chance to Lucky Dip in our sale!

We’re down to LITERALLY the last few bits and bobs in our sale… from combs, to brooches, to sets of pins, to bracelets that we’ve just found all wrapped and boxes and ready to go… As we’re down to the last few combs, all of which are smaller rather than some of the larger bargains […]

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Wedding Tiaras or Wedding Hair Bands?

It’s a quandry right? What look to go for? Do you opt for a symmetrical traditional wedding tiara, or a wedding hair band? That flatter, more organic shape that gives lots of detail to one side of your hair do, and less to the other. And that’s of course before we even mention the word […]

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And there’s some new additions to our LUCKY DIP clearance…

Well, today I have been mostly starting the year as I mean to go on: tidily. And what’s been unearthed in the Chez Bec studio is a simply staggering number of pieces to add to our lucky dip clearance sale. So, all you need to do to grab your sparkly bargain is to email us […]

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