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Bridal Hair Pins to Complement Your Bridal Hair

Bridal hair pins are without a doubt the most versatile of all wedding hair accessories. There is a whole range of styles you can achieve with bridal metronidazole generic philippines hair pins and they can be just as impressive as other wedding hair accessories.

Like other wedding hair accessories, bridal hair pins can vary in size as well as the amount of detailing they have. Whether you’re opting for “1950’s vintage glamour” or “romantic English country garden”, there is a bridal hair pin within our collection to suit every bridal style. From our simple and elegant Set of Pearl Hair Pins to our sparkling Set of Diamante Divinity Hair Pins, we have a set of bridal hair pins for you!

Bridal hair pins work well with any hair colour and the number of hair pins you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference as to the impact you want to create. However, as with all elements of design, make sure you go for an odd number of bridal hair pins. Don’t ask me why this works, but it just does! Our Set of Blossom Hair Pins are extremely popular and often a single set is enough.

There is no set way to position bridal hair pins within your wedding hair. And the more organic the pattern the better. Bridal hair pins look best and most effective when simply scattered within the hair: There is no room for symmetrical patterns when it comes to bridal hair pins.

Don’t be afraid to mix different types of bridal hair pins together for a stunning result. Our Sparkle Hair Pins look sensational with our Fleur Hair Pins.

Bridal hair pins work incredibly well when worn together with a bridal headband. Bridal headbands are wonderful but they can only be seen from the front or side on. And your wedding guests will be looking at your back for the entire ceremony so why not add a little sparkle or detail to the back of your bridal hair? I scattered a set of Vintage Elegance Hair Pins into the back of my wedding hair and a lot of my guests commented on how beautifully they sparkled through my veil during the ceremony and throughout the day which I thought was wonderful. They were the perfect finishing touch to my bridal hair.

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Tanya is the proud new owner of award winning Bridal accessories company Chez Bec. Also fond of chocolate and Christmas, she is happily married but wish they could do it all again (with the same man!).

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