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Bridal Jewellery – Chez Bec Styled shoot

We do two shoots a year with our new pieces. They are probably my two favourite ‘work’ days of the year… though it feels a little wrong to call it work (most of us on the shoot team have children, ranging from five months up, so frankly it feels like a day off comparatively). The wedding industry is such a special place to work, and I feel amazed that something that I design and make makes up a part of a couple’s special day. Our shoot team is a bunch of the most wonderful ladies. Everyone happy to share their expertise (I took lots of behind the scenes shots on my camera-that-i-don’t-quite-know-how-to-use). At one point the sun went in, messing up all my settings, and Claudine, rather than being smug talented photographer *which some of them are* just called over to me ‘turn up your ISO to compensate Harriet,’. Trust me, I am NOT competition – I think I truly realised the talent of Claudine (and other wedding photographers) during this shoot… I was pointing at the same subject with a decent camera, I was off ‘auto’ mode too, and yet, my images looked NOTHING like hers… but that selfless help and sharing of knowledge really encapsulates what our shoots are about – we all come together and create something that we’re happy with, learning from each other (and eating lots of cake).

The shoot that I’m featuring today where can i order flagyl took place last Spring, on literally the first sunny day in weeks. It was chilly, but hey, with a venue like St Clere, you have the glorious spaces like the summer house where you can catch some rays, grab some awesome shots, and still stay warm! It’s an amazing thing to see your wedding jewellery, pearl earrings, bridal headbands, wedding hair flowers and vintage inspired bridal accessories literally go from the work bench to reality.

Being the co-owner and designer for Chez Bec is at the best of times a great job, but on shoot days, it’s just a total joy.

I’ll do some behind the scenes write ups on our most recent shoot which we did last week (and oh-my-god-it’s-going-to-be-amazing – I’ll just say beehive and leather jacket… and leave it at that for now), but for now, I thought pepper your Tuesday with some gorgeous shots of our shoot from St Clere last April. They really are very pretty indeed!

Credit where it’s due:

Photography by the amazing Claudine Hartzel

Make-up by Ellie at The Beauty Aisle

Hair by Liz Bower at Simply Beautiful Wedding Hair (there is nothing this woman can’t make your hair do)

Dresses from Isabella Grace Bridal

Venue: St Clere

Flowers from Katherine the Florist in The Forest

Jewellery and bridal hair accessories by Chez Bec

This shoot has previously appeared on the wonderful Love My Dress, Love Scarlett and Mrs P & P Blogs…

Pandora Back Lariat Front View £55 Chez Bec

Sophie Pendant £38 Chez Bec

Pandora Back Lariat £55 Chez Bec (1)

Sophie Earrings £38 Chez Bec

Clemintine Ivory Pure Silk Rose £52 Chez Bec

Rebecca Comb £88 Chez Bec

Sophie Deco Headband £128 Chez Bec

Pandora Back Lariat £55 Chez Bec (2)

Marchesa pendant £44 Chez Bec


Pink Rose Bud Hair Pins - Chez Bec (1) From £24 for 3

Rebecca Headband £168 Chez Bec (2)

About Tanya

Tanya is the proud new owner of award winning Bridal accessories company Chez Bec. Also fond of chocolate and Christmas, she is happily married but wish they could do it all again (with the same man!).

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