Chez Bec is changing.

After ten years in business we're having a holiday…. well not a holiday exactly. You see we're moving to Jersey. And as though it wasn't enough to move two children, cats, boxes, the contents and a house (did I mention a husband?!) AS WELL as the business, we've decided to have a bit of make-over while we do it. I know. We're gluttons for punishment.

From 5pm on TUESDAY 26th JULY we will be closing the doors on our studio for a month. No orders will be processed during this time.

Over the years we've seen lots of bridal trends come and go, and we've even helped to make some ourselves, but now it's time for us to do what we do best: our own thing.

So we're not going to be processing any orders over our website for most August (any orders placed will be processed in September), though you can still buy most of our collection over at Liberty In Love (if you can't see what you want there and need it in a hurry, do please drop us an enquiry). We're coming back in the Autumn with new designs, a new look, and a new approach. And we're pretty excited about it to be honest.

We will still be responding to emails - though please bear with us as we try and unpack… enquiries may take a little longer to respond to than normal, but do get in touch at if you're desperate for something (or just for a chat, we're really quite friendly, though our area of expertise does err towards bridal accessories, so perhaps stay towards that), and we'll do what we can to help.

Otherwise, pop over to Facebook, and keep an eye on things… there might be some clues of what is to come (and probably some photos of the beach and ice-cream too).

See you in the Autumn!

Harriet x
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