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Yikes. We’re doing something new for us at Chez Bec this summer…. we’re (whispers) taking a break

I know, madness. What ARE we thinking?! But truth be told, working for the last nine years through every holiday means we sort of think we’ve earned it.

SO how does it impact on you, and our site?

From midday on WEDNESDAY 22nd JULY we will be closing the order books. This gives me an afternoon of running-around-like-a-headless-chicken to finish any orders that come in then. They will all be posted by the end of Wednesday 22nd July.

And from then, our first posting date will be 1st September. We will be back to emails and start making again from the 24th August, but until generic of flagyl then, will not be responding to emails.

The site will still be taking orders, but if you need something urgently the lovely Liberty In Love have stocked up on our best-sellers so drop them an email, they can probably help.

If you have ordered something in the last two weeks and decide to return it PLEASE DON’T SEND IT UNTIL 24th AUGUST. We will of course extend return times on those items placed between the 10th and the 22nd July so that you’re covered.

In the meantime, we look back to returning in the Autumn, sorry, late Summer, refreshed, revived and raring to go again.

Thanks for your understanding.

About Tanya

Tanya is the proud new owner of award winning Bridal accessories company Chez Bec. Also fond of chocolate and Christmas, she is happily married but wish they could do it all again (with the same man!).
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