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Top Tips for Your Bridesmaids Hair Accessories

So, you’ve been mightily organised and have chosen your bridesmaids, their dresses and their shoes and you’re almost ready to tick “bridesmaids” off your ever-growing wedding-to-do-list. But, before you do, what about their hair?! Do you co-ordinate your bridesmaids hair accessories with your own? Or do you give them something totally different to your own hair accessories?

If you decide to co-ordinate your bridesmaids’ hair accessories with your own, this doesn’t mean that your bridesmaids have to wear exactly the same hair accessory as you. You are the bride after all and you need to sparkle above everyone else on your special day. Co-ordinating your bridesmaids’ hair accessories with your own means choosing the same type of hair accessory or the same materials. If you’ve chosen our beautiful Sally Hair Comb then our Vintage Viola Hair Comb would be perfect for your bridesmaids. It is of a similar style but on a smaller scale so you won’t get upstaged! If you have chosen to wear pearls on your big day, and have chosen something like our Emily Headband then giving your bridesmaids a Set of Pearl Hair Pins to scatter in their hair would metronidazole generic over the counter complement your wedding hair accessories perfectly.

On the flip side, why not keep your bridesmaids hair accessories totally different to your own? If you’re wearing a statement pearl bridal headband or a vintage-inspired bridal hair comb, then why not give your bridesmaids flowers to wear in their hair? Our Olivia Rose Wedding Flower Clip and our Rose Cluster Flower Clip are incredibly popular with bridesmaids. They are incredibly versatile in that they can be worn anywhere in the hair, and in any hair style. They are also a cost-effective way of creating a wonderful look for your bridesmaids’ hair and just perfect for a summer wedding.

If you have three or four bridesmaids, then the cost of buying your bridesmaids’ hair accessories can start to mount up, on top of the cost of their dresses and anything else you have had to buy them. Why not give your bridesmaids their hair accessories on the morning of your wedding as their thank-you gift? It will allow for some special moments with your bridesmaids and it also means that you don’t have to buy both their hair accessories and a separate thank you gift.

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Tanya is the proud new owner of award winning Bridal accessories company Chez Bec. Also fond of chocolate and Christmas, she is happily married but wish they could do it all again (with the same man!).

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