Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2021

It’s safe to say 2020 certainly did not go as planned when it came to getting married.  So as we look cautiously towards weddings in 2021, with the hope of less restrictions when it comes to our guest list and how we choose to get married; and indeed how we choose to party afterwards. It’s that time of year where we are looking at the wedding trends for the year ahead and what you may well be planning when it comes to your big day.

Wedding Trends for 2021


With the safety of our guests currently at the forefront when we celebrate our wedding day couples are shifting their focus to special details to make their guests feel extra special.  Yes they’ll be the standard safety measures in place but with more intimate weddings comes more intimate detail. Beyond the standard favours brides and grooms are opting for a welcome box for their guests adding a more personalised effect.


Again with us all being more aware of the safety of being outdoors as opposed to in when it comes to pulling together a crowd, more couples are turning to the great outdoors. Back to nature style wedding trends are in with tents and beautiful lighting for a romantic Summers evening feel.

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With greater awareness and necessity of using our local businesses and producers during the pandemic, it is predicted that more and more weddings will be requesting the use of local produce when it comes to the wedding menu.  Brides and Grooms will also look to employ small local businesses for a more personal touch.  This will be the same when it comes to other areas of their big day such as gifting, wine, flowers and stationery.



As weddings are still likely to remain far more intimate than a guest list of over 100 it’s believed that there will be great traditions honoured.  As time with our nearest and dearest on our big day forms treasured memories until the real mass party can commence.


We love this idea!  Given that their will only be a handful of our closest family members with us to celebrate the big day it is likely that ‘Tiny Toasts’ will be a wedding trend emerging from the fact that there will be little need for long drawn out speeches with most of the people in the room knowing exactly how you met and what got you to your big day.

The wedding breakfast will be seen more as a relaxed dinner party than a time for formalities and grand speeches.


Without a mass of people to entertain it is thought that weddings will focus on creating an experience for guests.  So opposed to the free bar on mass there will be cocktail experiences and more intimate entertainment such as comedians, petting zoos, tarot card readers and circus style entertainment.





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As many of us have spent far too much time indoors in our joggers over the past months we think Hollywood Glamour will be making a comeback when it comes to weddings in 2021.  Think super glam, any chance to get out of the house and make an effort when it comes to wedding day style.

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Long gone are the days when it was believed only the biggest most extravagant cake could make an impact.  2021 will be all about mini layer cakes.  Forget cupcakes there’s a new mini in town!  Make an impact with multiple designs, incorporating key elements of your bridal colours and florals.  Think single portion cakes with all the style of a larger eye catching centre piece placed in front of each guest individually or as an added arrangement to the centre of a long dining table amongst your guests.

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I think one thing we’ve learnt over the past 10 months is just how important our friends and family are in our lives and the enrichment they bring.  On this note brides and grooms having smaller more intimate weddings may well be looking to invest their money in more sentimental pieces that can be passed down the family line hopefully for years to come.  Alternatively they will look for pieces that can be worn over and over again after the big day. 

These will include watches, personalised, embroidered, bespoke bridal veils, crowns and headpieces, classic jewellery and brooches.

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I think it’s safe to say that during lockdown we’ve realised we don’t need all the tat and stuff we surround ourselves with.  This will see brides and grooms pull away from the usual gift list with requests for more sustainable personalised gifts such as trees and garden plants.

It will also see increased requests for services that help in reducing their carbon footprint using local food producers, local wines, beers and spirits; as well as more minimalist decoration to avoid mass produced items ending up in landfill.